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A car’s actual value is mostly determined by its appearance. Every car owner would like to drive an attractive car that holds its value,Q6 Car Care is an affiliated retailer of Greenz Car Care Bangaluru.

Gyeon Ceramic Treatment

Q6 car Care's best treatment for your car’s paintwork.Refines the appearance of your car so it looks almost brand new condition. Sometimes better than new! A protection that endures for a long period of time, makes the paint more durable to withstand wear and tear and resists shine reduce. Gives efficient resistance to air pollution, road-dirt, UV-rays and other harm-ful elements. Your car will be easier to keep sparkling clean! you won’t have to work or polish your car ever again.

Total Care

Complete treatment of the exterior and interior of your car that refines the appearance of your car to almost brand new condition. Sometimes even better than new! Master Treatment is based on Q6 Car Care special combination of products The engine and baggage compartments are treated along with all exterior And interior details.

Leather Restore

Restores worn-out and damaged leather interiors. Restores that brand-new leather feeling in your car, and Can be applied to everything from parts of a seat to a complete interior. The material is then protected using Gyeon leather coating, which makes the leather soft and pliable as well as helping it prevent stains and cracks.

Leather Treatment &Interior Service

Deep chemical cleaning of your car’s fabrics and leather Removers ingrained dirt and “impossible” stains caused by food, Drink, oil and grease. Our coating works like an invisible seat cover that serves to protect them and repel dirt. Makes it easy to maintain the car by keeping the delicate interior clean and fresh Maintenance of your car’s delicate leather upholstery. Deep cleaning of the leather interiors, including a treatment that makes the leather soft and dirt-resistant. The rest of your car’s interior is treated in the 24 service check points of Q6 Car Care’s interior Service.

Glass Repair (Coming soon)

Repairs cracks and rock chips on the windshield. The technology and products used for the repairs are approved by insurance companies. Repair your windshield before it’s too late. Satisfying results- in terms of safety as well as aesthetic appearance.


Our Q6 Sanitation solves unusual and challenging problems in a car’s paint- work and interior. Such problems might include deterioration of the paint, mold, or fire damage. Smell Stop – eliminates strong odors in the passenger compartment. Leather Restores – restores worn and damaged leather interiors; preformed on everything – from parts of a seat, to complete interiors. Allergy Control – ensures that all allergenic particles have been eliminated from your car’s interior.

After Treatment

Wash All - Q6 Car Care thorough and careful manual cleaning of your car’s body Through 24 service checkpoints including among other items the car’s body, rims, wheel housing, door-frames and windows, both inside and out. Interior Service - Q6 Car Care cleaning of your car’s interior through 24 service-checkpoints including among other items floor, seats, windows panels and trunk. Machine Clean - Cleaning of everything under the hood.

PPF (Paint Protection Film) & Window Tinting

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. The film used in PPF is invisible. It enhances the exterior look of the car. Cleaning and washing of vehicle can be done same as before Refines the appearance of your car with tinted film. Reduces heat caused by the sun in the passenger compartment up to 80%

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